You can make enquiries about examinations and appointments by filling out the online enquiry form or by sending us an E-mail or fax. Prior to making an appointment you will require a referral form to be completed and returned to us by your GP, hospital Consultant or health practitioner.

Bath Radiology Group

Fax: 01225 825494


Diagnostic Imaging Services for self-pay patients (Bip) 

Telephone: 07855 617475
Fax: 01225 825494
Registered address: Milsted Langdon LLP, 6th Floor, One Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6NP

Bath Breast Imaging Services Ltd

Fax: 01225 824912

Radiology Departments

BMI Bath Clinic

Telephone: 01225 838794
Fax: 01225 840604


Telephone: 01225 838794
Fax: 01225 840604

Royal United Hospital

Fax: 01225 825515


Ultrasound: 01225 825529
CT: 01225 825989
MRI: 01225 824072
Nuclear Medicine: 01225 824076
Interventional Radiology: 01225 824375


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We are always happy
to discuss the most appropriate radiological investigation for a given indication with any referring clinician.
We will be pleased to
provide advice to patients about any imaging investigation or procedure, explain what is involved and where and when it can be performed.