About your examination

Many radiology examinations are termed ‘scans’. This term is usually applied when high-tech imaging equipment is required such as Ultrasound, CT, Nuclear Medicine or MRI. General information about X-rays, fluoroscopy and the different types of scans is provided in this section.

If you would like more detailed information on the particular diagnostic imaging investigation or procedure you have been referred for, please go to the Patient Information Leaflet section of this website where you can download the relevant leaflet.

Alternatively, we have provided some links to Radiology information resources for patients, which you will find in the Links section. 

Preparing for your examination

Once your appointment has been booked, you will receive information about the preparation, if any, required prior to your examination. The radiological staff can answer any queries you have about your test or the preparation.

If you are referred for MRI you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire prior to the examination to ensure that there is no contraindication to performing this test.

Prior to any investigation which involves injection of contrast agents, you will be asked if there is any history of diabetes, asthma, kidney disease, thyroid conditions or allergies to medications, iodine or shellfish, which may indicate an increased risk of reaction to the contrast agent. The risk of serious allergic reaction to contrast media is rare. The Radiology staff have been fully trained to deal with any reaction.

Women should inform the Radiologist or Radiographer before their examination if there is any chance that they are pregnant, or if they are breast-feeding.

Your report

Tests are reported promptly by the Consultant Radiologist, and the result will be sent to your GP or referring Consultant. Posted reports are usually received within a few days. More urgent reports may be faxed or telephoned through to the referring doctor. If you are seeing a hospital Consultant immediately after your test, please inform the Radiology staff so that arrangements can be made to make the report and images available to the Specialist prior to your Consultation. A CD of your scan can be provided or sent to your referring clinician if required.