ENT Radiology

Caroline Styles and Stewart Redman are both dedicated head and neck radiologists who work closely with the ENT surgeons and thyroid specialists at the Royal United Hospital, BMI Bath Clinic and CircleBath hospitals.

They are both part of the head and neck multidisciplinary team at the RUH presenting the Radiological findings for the patients with cancer at the teams weekly meeting. They also provide the radiological opinions for the weekly clinico-radiology meeting, in which non-cancer cases are discussed. These meetings allow a regular dialogue between the clinical specialists and radiologists and ensure the highest standards of service.

We are able to provide:

CT scans of the:

  • neck to assess or exclude cancer of the soft tissues
  • petrous bones for infections of the external auditory canals, middle ear pathology and abnormalities of the vestibulo-cochlea apparatus
  • sinuses for sinusitis, nasal polyposis, pre-operative assessment and to assess more invasive pathology
  • neck and chest to investigate a vocal cord palsy

MRI scans of the:

  • neck to assess or exclude cancer of the soft tissues
  • petrous bones to look for cholesteatoma
  • sinuses to assess the extent of invasive pathology

Ultrasound scans of the:

  • neck to assess lymph nodes and masses
  • thyroid to assess nodules or enlargement
  • parathyroids to look for adenomas
  • salivary glands to assess inflammation, mass lesions or calculi

We are always happy to discuss the potential usefulness of a radiological investigation of the head and neck with any referring clinician