The Bath Radiology Group offers cross-sectional imaging with CT and MRI for the investigation of neurological conditions.

The majority of the Bath Radiology Consultants are able to undertake neurological imaging. Louise Robinson leads the Bath neuroradiology service, and has forged links with regional neuroradiologists to provide a network of specialist opinions when required. Louise, David Glew and Toby Hall liaise closely with the Bath neurologists to facilitate discussion of Radiological findings  at weekly meetings and ensure that patients receive a high quality service.

The large majority of neuroradiology imaging uses either CT or MRI. The Bath Radiology Group offers both modalities, applying tailored protocols to maximize the information acquired for the indications provided. 

We can perform:

Standard MRI and CT of:

  • the brain
  • the spine
  • cranial nerves
  • peripheral nerves

Data can be acquired in 3D and can be reconstructed in any plane required. 

Specialized techniques:

  • vascular studies, including CT and MR angiography
  • diffusion weighted imaging
  • intrathecal contrast studies
  • therapeutic injections.

For some peripheral studies, ultrasound will be the most useful technique.

We are always happy to discuss the most appropriate radiological investigation for a given indication with any referring clinician.